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About Shiv Dhaam

Spiritual Vision

To serve the sadhus of Bharat as an expression of our love for God and humanity and to foster a culture of peace, harmony, and respect among all faiths.


To serve the sadhus of Bharat with food, medical aid, and sadhu seva, and to uphold the values of compassion, spirituality, and harmony.

Shiv Dhaam Foundation is a non-profit organization that works in Varanasi and Ayodhya, the holy cities of India, to serve and feed the Sadhus, the ascetic and saintly men who dedicate their lives to God.

Our mission is to honour and respect the Sadhus and to provide them with nutritious and hygienic food, as well as spiritual and emotional support.

We believe that by serving the Sadhus, we are serving God and humanity. We also believe that the Sadhus are the guardians of our culture and heritage and that they deserve our gratitude and reverence.

We aim to create a bridge between the Sadhus and society and to spread their wisdom and blessings to the world.

We operate with the help of our volunteers, donors, sponsors, and partners, who share our vision and values. We welcome anyone who wants to join us in this noble cause and make a difference in the lives of the Sadhus. You can help us by:

  • Donating money or resources to our NGO
  • Volunteering for our various activities such as fundraising, cooking, feeding, temple reconstruction, etc.
  • Donate your skills such as web design, graphic design, photography, video editing, social media marketing, etc.
  • Subscribing and sharing our YouTube channel, where we post videos of our activities and stories of the Sadhus
  • Praying for the well-being of the Sadhus and our NGO

Sustainable Development Goals

Our Team

Amit Trivedi


Sanjay Pathak

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